Vertrod Style Steel Frame Pivot Heat Sealer


Recommended for, but not limited to, Heavy Duty and/or High Volume usage. Jaw opening options available up to 12" or more for easy sealing of bulky packages such as blankets, comforters or towels. Heater bar placement options available: heater bar on top allows for trouble-free sealing of Tyvek pouches; double-sided heat for sealing of thick materials up to 80MIL (.80") or for sealing high temperature materials such as Teflon, Tedlar, etc. Custom mounting options available to allow sealer to operate at any angle, 0-360 degrees. Compression device can be added to reduce package thickness for more efficient shipping and/or storage.

Therm-O-Seal® Closed-Loop Water Chillers available for all Water-Cooled systems.