PFM Hawk

PFM Hawk

PFM-HAWK is a horizontal flow pack packaging machine which automatically produces closed packets with three seals from heat-sealable packaging material.

PFM HAWK is the ideal machine for packaging solid products from the food and other sectors, especially when it is necessary to carry out frequent changes of setup.

Engineered to resolve the crucial challenges found in today's market, the Hawk sets itself apart from the pack. This user friendly horizontal form fill and seal machine is ideal for operations demanding top performance, increased flexibility, greater efficiency and low maintenance costs. the new flow wrapper from PFM is designed to incorporate the advanced components and features of an upsized machine into a compact and ergonomic design while maintaining quick and easy product changeovers. The versatility of the wrapper allows you to package a vast range of food and non-food items and utilize a wide variety of packaging materials (OPP, BOPP, Laminiated, HLPE, Polyolefin, etc)

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