PFM Pearl

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PFM produces horizontal, flow-pack, packaging machines in 14 different models, each of which is available with a vast range of attachments. These optional extras, combined with the expertise of the PFM technicians, allow the machines to be customized according to the requirements of the product and the needs of the customer.

The PFM Pearl is a full servo horizontal pillow-pack wrapper to obtain pillow-pack style packs from a flat reel of heat/cold sealable wrapping material. Sturdy construction with a carbon steel fabricated frame, compact design, cutting edge hardware, reliable and operator friendly control software are the results achieved in this project. A high quality innovative machine.

PFM Pearl is the ideal machine for packaging solid products from the food and other sectors, especially when it is necessary to carry out frequent changes of setup.

PFM Pearl is manufactured with modular pre-assembled units designed to be easily accessible and replaced. The front of the machine is free from any obstruction. Elegant and rational design, simple yet sturdy construction


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