Shuttleworth Conveyors for Unique Applications

SmartFeed® Multi-packer Brochure

With its quick adjust guide rails and product brakes, this conveyor system has the ability to create multi-packs in a variety of different configurations.

Shuttleworth Multi-Packer conveyors are fully programmable and ideal as standard infeed equipment to Over Wrappers, L-bar Sealers, Shrink Bundlers and Case Packers.

Gentle Handling

Smartfeed Video

Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque; conveying surface handles your delicate products better than ever before.

If you have marking, scratching, or breakage, Slip-Torque; is the answer to your concerns. Shuttleworth's accumulation conveyors buffer products with minimal line pressure, which greatly reduces product damage. With over 65 roller materials to choose from, we are the experts in matching the roller material to the product and the application to provide the best surface solution for you.

Product Orientation

Shuttleworth Conveyors

Whether your product needs turned, rotated, inverted, or up-ended, or positioned, Shuttleworth has the experience and products to make it happen.

With over 40 years of experience in material handling, Shuttleworth can apply its products in ways only possible with this unique conveyor design.

Shuttleworth prides itself on working with customers to provide the best material handling solutions.


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