Fill-Air 1000 Inflatable Packaging System

Fill-Air 1000 Inflatable Packaging System Brochure
  • Easy To Install - Free standing, mobile unit requires only a standard 110 volt, 15 amp outlet and minimum 80 psi air supply.
  • Easy to Use - Only minimum operator training required
  • Patented Sealing Technology- Ensure leak proof seals in every cushion.
  • Controlled Inflation Process - Maintains uniform pressure within each cushion for consistent product protection.
  • Uni-Locking Core - Works as an anti-lock brake mechanism to provide optimum web tension and material usage.
  • Uni-Locking Roll Guides - Lock the roll in place for precise web tracking and consistent inflation features.
  • Advanced Multi-Function Keypad - Enables the operator to custom program frequently used bag sizes in nine languages.
  • Tool-Less Design - Allows the system to be serviced without the need for tools.

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