FALCON is a horizontal flow-wrap type packaging machine which produces packs sealed on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable film. Perfect for rapid and frequent set-up changes without compromising high-speed packaging (max 200 mechanical cycles per minute). Packages products in the foodstuffs sector, the cosmetics sector, the pharmaceutical sector and the stationery sector. Cantilever construction. The mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the machine, leaving the front clear for the sealing units. Production residues are never in contact with the mechanical parts, while all cleaning and maintenance operations are made extremely quick and easy.

Available versions:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic (2 axes)
  • Servo (3 axes), color touch screen, on-line help system
  • Long Dwell: for high-speed production of hermetically sealed packs e) Extra Wide: roll width up to 900mm
  • AISI 304 stainless steel: suitable for humid work environments
  • Shrink: for heat-shrinkable packaging material with lengthwise and crosswise edge sealing and salvage of the excess material

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